Saturday, September 21, 2013


Ahhh its Saturday morning and I surely was hoping to get some extra shut eye this morning, but that didn't happen. I truly believe I have restless leg syndrome because I can never stop moving my legs at night before bed and in the morning when I am just lying there thinking about the morning. But then again it could just be like a nervous habit I have when I am thinking about my day before and thinking of the day ahead of me. But hey, it got me up and got to surprised the family with some yummys from Frenchs Bakery. Granted am trying to lose weight, so that didn't help me :) Oh well it sounded good at the time and I wanted to treat us.

But now, its midmorning and my hubby took my boys to the park. Ahhh some peace and quite and do some relaxing, oh wait scratch that, I need to clean both bathrooms and a few rooms in the house. But it does give me a chance to turn on Air 1 radio and blast the music while I clean. Yup that's right, I might be in my early 30's but I still love to turn on the radio and blast it very loud, like I did as a teen. But instead of blasting Weezer, 311, Foo fighters, Bush and so on I am no blasting my Air 1 radio with bands like Third day, Building 429, News Boys, Skillet and so on. Granted I did listen to Christian music back in the day too, but being a teen I did have my time listing to others and still do to this day but the now I need positive music and it helps me to get through the day.

But sitting here writing away isn't getting my cleaning done. So todays blog is about nothing special, I guess really. But I felt like writing alittle while the boys were gone. But now, really I need to get the house clean and working more on all my site to get ready for the Christmas rush.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sept. 19th 2013

Wow, I can't believe that fall is almost here. Although in Southern California you wouldn't know that :) but at least our temperatures are going down and its not as hot and muggy as it has been. Honestly we live in a house without air. I guess when the house was built, way back in the day, they figured we didn't need air since we live so close to beach. Well I say blah to that, because guess what, it does get hot here, and let me tell you its no fun. My poor boys, when its very hot, always say to me " I'm so sweaty" and of course all I can say "I know hon" and I feel so bad for them. So I will welcome fall with open arms, as long as the temperature stay nice.

Well, since starting my blog, way for ever ago, I've done so much with my business. I've actually have my own site at There's not much to it yet, but I am always working on it. I now offer over 400 items on etsy store, so it takes awhile to get all of those items on my actually site. I will still keep with etsy, because honestly etsy is a great site to sell off. I know a lot of seller have issues with etsy but if you have a product that people want and really work towards marketing yourself how every you can, etsy can really work for you. Its a great outlet to work with to get started and learn a lot about selling handmade online. I believe etsy can open up a wide horizon for any seller in the handmade community. The key is not to set all your hope and dreams in etsy but to help you really get out there, so that you can get known and hopefully grow as a seller to sell at other venues like your own site, craft shows, and whatever else is out there to sell on or sell at.

I never dreamed of my little store doing so well but it has and keeps going strong. Some days I get down when sells aren't there or aren't coming in as fast as I would like them, but I got remind myself, this is the way of a work at home mom selling handmade in a retail market. But if I keep my eyes on God and keep my strength in him, then I am reminded of all things he has done for me and my little personalized store.

So my verse today and is something to always remember with God is
2 Corinthians 5:7 -  For we walk by faith, not by sight - NKJ

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