Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Monday

Oh Monday monday, how you came to soon and so did waking up this morning. My oldest son, who is 2 and half, thought it would be cute to wake up at 6am this morning and let me tell you, I am no morning person. Infact I went to bed last when it was dark out and woke this morning when it was dark out, but yet my oldest kepting me the sun was out, and I kept saying not quite its still dark which means its still night night time, but that didn't work. So now I know I will be in bed by 9 tonight. Oh and to make it better, it was raining all day here, so the kids were kept in all day, fun times!!! But I have to hand it to them, its almost 7:15pm here and they have done great today.

But on the bright side of them getting up early, they took their nap earlier too, which meant an earlier time to work my jewelry. Hey, I get excited when I know I get to start working on jewelry again because it means I get to finish sooner and add my pieces to my store sooner :-) Which infact I did get two pieces completed and listed them in my etsy store this afternoon. I am kinda excited about both pieces because I am loving the necklace ( which  a silver heart chain that is 47in long in length and has coral and pearls wrapped in it) and I also loving my small but shiny fresh water pearl earrings, they might be small but they very pretty and have a great sparkle to them. Now I just need to order more beads so that I get to make some more pieces.

                                                     MY PEARL EARRINGS
                                   MY CORAL, PEARL, & HEART NECKLACE


  1. Ahhh Thanks. I am so bad because havent done any blogs in awhile. My little ones have been keeping me busy and also trying to get some new pieces done so I can add more to my store...