Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring and New

So spring is here and well it usually means spring cleaning around the house but me, nope, instead I have started to blog. Hey better late then never, I know starting something is more like a new years resolution but no I decide to start on the first day of spring. First day of spring first day of blogging, sounds good to me. Oh why not add in a first day of spring sale in my store in etsy, you know 10% off any item when using SPRING10, oh yeah this is also the first time I have made a coupon for use in my store too. Wow, I think I should mark the first day of spring as the day of new for here on out. Instead of starting on new years, I am going to start on the first day of spring. Spring cleaning, nah I am all about new new new. Oh and I must say I am going to start on a new piece of jewelry too. And off I go to start on some new jewelry.

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