Monday, August 15, 2011

To Start Anew and My Weekend

So wow, its been quite awhile since I have last blogged about anything on here. So I have finally have decided to start up again. I read this great post about blogging for your business or even for personal use and I got to say I got alot of good ideas from it and some rather not good ideas but it did get me thinking that I truly need to start up again.

Now my blogs are nothing special at all, infact one week it might be about my work while the next is about my kids, or life - which is one of the things the post said not to do- but I thought I am my own person and if I feel I want to write about my business I will and if I want to write about my kids I will also do that. Honestly to me this is a great way to get to know me as a person to a point. And if that is something you want to know, then hey read up. I am a creator of jewelry not of writing :)

So on that note, lets start this blogging and lets hope I can stick to it.

So this weekend was great, I had enjoyable time with my family up in Big Bear enjoying some down time and alittle fishing. On Saturday, we did go fishing and after so many years of fishing I finally caught my first fish (and yes we did put him back in water and did not keep him - I am not a fish eater) and so did my little guy, Noah who is 3, caught one with his grandpa. Note you will not see a pic of me and my fish since my hubby didn't take the very good picture of me with it, lol. But here is a pic of my little one and his fish!

And the rest of the time up there we just rested and enjoyed the nice weather and went on hikes and the whole time Noah was hiking he kept singing Hike Hike Hike we're hiking through the woods - it was to cute. But then Sunday came and I cant believe it, I go and pull out my back, uggg, what a great way to end a good weekend. So now I am at home trying to take it easy so my back can feel better. At least I can still get up and move around, but it hurts so much. Need it truly to get better because I really have alot of things I need to get done around the house and for work making some great personalized jewelry for my customers. Hmmm what a way to end the weekend but at the sometime it was a very enjoyable time and nice to get away from the city for awhile. And of course while I was up there and was always thinking of some new things to make, so keep an eye out for some new items in my store :)

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